Terms of Service

See the attached terms of service below.


When using the services offered by us ("Tritan Development", “Network”, “Organization”, “Company”), which includes but is not limited to browsing our websites, registering for accounts on our services, connecting to our servers, engaging in any activity while connected to our servers, using accounts or services provided by us, you are agreeing to follow and abide by our Terms of Service ("ToS", “Policies”).

By accepting these Policies, you also agree that you understand them fully in their entirety, and that you have not concluded any ambiguity in our ToS.

You understand that violating any part of our ToS may result in your services with us being terminated and any accounts you own with us being permanently suspended. You understand that in the event that the conditions for using our services having been broken, that we do not have any obligation to continue any interactions with you, provide you with reasoning for services or accounts being terminated, accept any appeals, nor liability for any loss that you incur as a result of us terminating your service with us. 

In any event that you no longer agree to our ToS, you agree to immediately and effectively cease all use of any services related to our Network.

The Network retains the right to maintain deterrence against all attempts to harm it or its staff and to actively address threats to the security of the Network and its staff.




  1. You agree not to use any service offered by us to engage in criminal activities or break the laws applicable to us or yourself.
  2. You agree not to use our services to send any unsolicited messages (colloquially referred to by us as “spam”) – especially but not limited to mass email messages to many recipients, spread malware, attempt to engage in phishing, or engage in harassment.
  3. You agree not to use any automated process to sign up for accounts on any of our services. Doing so may result in any other accounts you have with us being terminated – including ones that were not signed up for via automated means.
  4. You agree not to attempt to cause any harm to our services or Network staff by means of hacking, exploitation, stress testing, denial of service, disclosure of private information, spreading misinformation, social engineering, or any other manner that could cause damage or harm to our Company, Network, services, reputation or staff. This policy also applies to behavior that encourages or purposefully attracts said activities against our network.
  5. You agree not to register any email accounts/usernames that encourage violence, hate, harassment, or any other kind of malicious behaviors against any person, race, group, ethnicity, nationality, sexuality, gender, or religion; and you agree not to have any kind of email account/username that contains any slurs or other derogatory words, phrases, or terms against them.



Liabilities, Warranties, and Responsibilities


Company Responsibilities


Our Company holds no guarantees about the reliability or operation of any of our services. The services offered by us are provided as a privilege, not a right. There are no obligations by us to continue providing any of our services.

Our Company provides all services on a best effort basis as is. You may not hold us liable for any losses that you incur as a result of ToS violations or a failure by us to secure your data or continue your services with us.


User Responsibilities


As a user of our services, you are solely responsible for all of your activities, accounts, and services with us. You may not hold anybody else, including us, responsible for any violations of our ToS. You exclusively are responsible for any and all violations of our Policies by you, your account, or devices connected to our services.

By using our services, you agree to keep any accounts you have with us secure, and any way that you are connected to our services is controlled by you.

You have the responsibility of staying informed regarding our Policies. We are not obligated to alert you of any policy changes and you agree to not hold us liable for any misunderstanding as a result of policy changes.




Our Privacy Policy ( ) is considered a part of our overall Policies, and by using our services not only do you agree to this Terms of Service, but you acknowledge that you have also read and understand our Privacy Policy which describes what data we collect, where it is stored, and for how long.

You shall not hold us liable for any issues that arise as a result of our handling of your data unless otherwise stated by our Policies.


Applicable Laws and Jurisdictions


Any and all disputes, issues, or legal inquiries that arise out of our services shall be governed by the respective laws of the United States. Our ONLY official law enforcement inquiry email is [email protected].